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Our Vision:

Free Your Mind Foundation has the vision to uplift ALL communities, of ALL human forms, by challenging the Youth (Our future Leaders of the world) to open their minds to new people, cultures, opportunities, and resources. We highly encourage them to research facts themselves to make their own decisions and beliefs based on credible and unbiased information while developing them into strong, positive Leaders that can effectively influence and uplift their communities. By opening their mind (freeing it from negativity), we can change their heart (unlocking their true potential), and help mold positive Leaders to uplift each and every community.

Our Mission:

The Free Your Mind Foundation feels there is a dire need for our youth to be educated about different cultures, how stereotypes attribute to divisions embedded in people, how social media dependency is affecting the face to face interactions amongst people, and being responsible for their own destiny without blaming their upbringing or current living environment. 


Our goal is to genuinely promote unity and understanding amongst humans of ALL forms, challenge youth to always seek more knowledge and guidance, immensely boost self-esteem and confidence in personal and professional aspects, and instill an understanding of personal responsibility, as well as, the responsibility to our communities. The Free Your Mind Foundation will openly accept ALL Youth, volunteer time in communities, sponsor educational, and developmental workshops and recreational events, host face to face social interaction lessons, and challenge Our youth's mind to exercise at its full potential.

Our Impact in the Community:


Instruction and Workshop

Instruction events and workshops will be devoted to helping children with homework and project assignments. Our workshops will also have assignments and projects that the children can work on in between events such as arts and crafts, grade-appropriate learning materials, skill and trade research and presentation, and job resume creation and interview simulations. Sessions will also have personal learning and development curriculum for sex education, domestic violence, financial competence, community resources, and proper social interaction skills. 

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Social Activities

Social activities will be included in the program to help youth adjust to having face to face personal and professional interactions in a positive manner. It will help them become confident in proper speaking, posture, appearance and mannerism etiquette while attending professional and recreational social events. It will also limit the use of phone and media interaction while participating in this type of event to help deter them from such dependencies and distractions.


Community Outreach and Volunteering

Free Your Mind Foundation is very adamant about reaching out to the community and letting them know we are here and available. Everyone in our organization is required to volunteer in the community at least once every quarter. We pass that sense of pride and responsibility into the youth of our programs as well to show them that their efforts actually make a difference. 

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