First and foremost, thank you for stopping by our website. We really appreciate any support that is brought in our direction. Free Your Mind Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created by a group of friends who all served, or still, currently serve the U.S. Army. We all have earned leadership roles within the military and chose not to stop there, but to expand our leadership to the communities of the world as well. We are not trying to be political or spiritual in any sense. We just all have a genuine care for our youth, our communities, and our future. We know, and firmly believe, that our youth is the future and as the elders to these younger men and women, we owe them a solid foundation to build upon.


  We do not care what gender, sexuality, color, or spiritual background our youth have. Our only focus at Free Your Mind Foundation is the MIND of our youth. Our goal is to get the youth to take the time and get away from all the stereo-types, social media dependencies, cultural divisions, and feeling that they can only be a product of their surroundings. We challenge the youth to open their minds, see and hear their peer's different perspectives, and hopefully be able to change the heart of those youth that feel locked in a negative mentality about life. Free Your Mind Foundation will also have seminars, or group discussions by age groups, and afterward end the events with a social face to face activity to get kids back accustomed to speaking and interacting face to face. We are in the beginning stages of this organization and to get out to every community takes a lot. Not only money, but people.


  We need your support, we need you all spreading the message, we need you to believe in our process, and we need YOU as members of this new organization. Again, thank you all for any support, even of the smallest fashion, and feel free to become a member of the Free Your Mind Foundation.