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Mr. Leroy Irchirl Jr
Free Your Mind Foundation


     I am Leroy Irchirl Jr, President of the non-profit organization, “Free Your Mind Foundation.” I was born on October 6, 1982, in Houston, Texas. I graduated high school at Gulf Shores Academy in the summer of 2001. The following year, in August of 2002, I joined the United States Army with a job in the maintenance field. I served 14 years of active-duty service with four combat deployments, 3 to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan, before honorably ending my service in December 2016. I am now married to an amazing woman named Mrs. LaTanya Nichelle Irchirl, and we have a total of 4 children.

    Throughout my lifetime, I have been in many different situations and experienced a lot growing up, whether in the household, in the streets of the community, or school. I am not perfect in any way or claim to be. I was young and did things good and bad as most kids do. When looking at how our youth in the United States of America are growing up now, compared to my generation and older, I see a need for intervention. I am not saying that the changing of the times is all bad, but I feel that our youth need to regain focus on what is truly important in life.

    Youth can now easily get caught up in social media dependencies and participate in the newest attention-trending actions that deter them from being the quality individuals they can be. Therefore, I started this organization to hopefully free our youth’s minds enough so they can see for themselves what is important to them, show them that they have unlimited potential to tap into and provide them assistance and resources to guide them along their journeys to reach whatever achievements they choose to strive for.

My goal is not to preach religion or talk bad about society or its politics, but to just speak facts through experiences and create an open dialogue for each person to think openly, be able to communicate their thoughts in detail and have a respectful and attentive environment to help construct positive solutions and empower youth to utilize their leadership potential within the very communities they reside in.

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