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Jan 25, 2018

Feedback wanted!

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Please leave comments on what you all think about the website. We are striving to continually get better. Make sure you are signing up, it is free, and allows you to leave comments and feedback on discussion posts and vides on the website.You can also invite users to chat in the chat room from Facebook and other noteable logins free while listening to our soundcloud playlist for everyone. Tons of stuff to do but the important thing is our discussion topics and videos. Everyone please leave your thoughts. Lets open up conversations around the communities to better the youth in our communities future. Thanks and do not forget to spread the word about the organization amd the website. Also always feel free to donate if you do nothing else. Thanks again. Welcome.

Jan 25, 2018

Correction. Spotify is our music player. Sorry.

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  • What are your thoughts or inputs in allowing the teachers to have guns in the classrooms?
  • Please leave your feedback and suggestions for new discussion topics, events you would like to attend, and any thoughts or ideas that come to your mind. We are here to help and everyone's influence is greatly appreciated. Let us know if you are willing to volunteer or actually become a member as well. Thanks and please share, share, share and donate as well.