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Become A Member or Pay Monthly Due

Become A Member or Pay Monthly Due

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Become a member of the Free Your Mind Foundation. Join us in bringing positive focus to our youth around the world. Member dues are $10.00USD a month with a 2 year commitment. Also, there is a yearly member due of $100.00USD that is due by June 17th of each calendar year.

  • Detailed Product Information

    Becoming a member of the Free Your Mind Foundation you are commiting to 2 years of dedication to the organization and it's events. Please be 100% sure that you are serious about your commitment and plan to be involved as possible. The Free Your Mind Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization and all it's monetary donations and dues go towards our organization and it's events. Monthly dues for a Member is $10.00USD that is due on the 1st of every month. If monthly dues are not received by the 17th of the month there will be a $5.00USD late fee added to your monthly due. There is also a annual Member due of $100.00USD that will be due by June 17th of each calendar year. This money goes into helping the organization sustain through bills occured thoughout the calendar year being that we are a Non-Profit Organization that was solely created by the Board of Directors own donations and dues. To become a member you also need to have a criminal background check done and have it filed with the Secretary of the Organization within the first 6 months of your commitment and EVERYONE is the organization has to have a background check conducted and filed every calendar year by December 31st. There will be NO person officially apart of this organization with any child offenses in their record. If you can meet these requirements and commit to the 2 years we would love to have you as a part of the Free Your Mind Foundation. Thanks for any support and hopefully, Welcome to the family.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    There will be NO refunds under any circumstances for collections to the Free Your Mind Foundation. We are a Non-Profit organization and all money brought into the company will be used for the organization and it's events. All transactions are donations or organizational dues at this point in time. If a member decides to seperate from the organization at anytime before their commitment ends, or when it ends, there will be no returns and/or refunds made by the organization.

  • Shipping Information

    There are no products sold on this site at this time to have a shipping policy. All transactions will be monetary donations and organizational dues.

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